Proximity Magazine Issue 011


Join us for the potluck edition of Proximity Magazine, wherein we investigate the intersections of art, food, politics and socially engaged practices. In this issue we followed our noses and inhaled the simmering pot of radical hospitality as a strategy for making art. Our investigation into how the boundaries of art and food have been blurred, smoothed out and ingested is revealed through the practices of many local artists, activists and chefs. Our menu offers a survey of projects that are presented as profiles and discussions about the role of food in our lives. A veritable feast was found within Chicago’s art ecology, now lets sit down and eat.

Issue 011 features contributions from:
Matt Kirouac, Chris Jacobson,Robert O’Connor, Liena Vayzman, Graham Hogan, Amber Renaye, Cameron Ingram, Nyki Salinas-Duda, Happy Collaborationists, Matt Joynt, Anthony Romero, Bert Stabler, Ed Marszewski, Tricia Van Eck, John Preus, Kevin Kaempf, Gregory Jacobson and others.