Proximity Magazine Issue 002


Pages: 208
Dimensions: 7.5" x 9.5"
Cover: soft
Binding: perfect bound
Process: digital
Color: full color cover and limited number of pages, mostly b&w
Edition size: unknown
ISBN: none

Proximity is a magazine dedicated to contemporary art and culture.

In this episode of Proximity, we continue our mission: revealing art worlds, real and imagined. Today, we present a series of investigations by dreamers currently inhabiting under-represented art metropoles around the world. Places like Hamburg. Jacmel. Los Alamos.

Our contributors are great multitaskers. Some take time from projects, festivals, or residencies to investigate their surroundings and report their observations. Others share their analysis of their immediate cultural environments or areas of expertise. We also asked a number of art players, those hybrid artist-curator-space-creator types roaming the trans-capitalized art universe we all share, to create mini-guides to places and moods they call home.

We added some new features, too. There’s a studios section, highlighting artists’ working environments. Managing Editor Mairead Case starts a column on lit, and Contributing Editor Mark Brandl kicks off another, by artists on theory. We also asked our all-star designer Michael Freimuth to mess around with the format, and added more pages. Plus, our imaginary city profiles are excellently experimental, so we’ll definitely have some next time too.

Free online version: http://proximitymagazine.com/magazine/issue-2/