Mash Tun Journal #1


The Mash Tun Journal is a long form ode to craft beer. It details every aspect, from the taste, ingredients, pleasures and aesthetics of craft beer and how the industry intersects with food, culture, and society.

The Mash Tun profiles brewery owners, beer lovers, brew-masters, beer distributors, chemists, industry impresarios, coopers, bottle makers, bar owners, home brewers – pretty much anyone who loves and is part of the process of making beer. Mash Tun also features those who love to partake, from reviews, history features and travel guides that take readers around the world of beer. Entries and interviews are interspersed with recipes, comics and photography featuring breweries, bars and restaurants.

The  Mash Tun is a four-color, 160 page, perfect bound journal published by Public Media Institute (PMI). PMI is a non-profit arts organization that produces publications, festivals and events, based in Chicago.

Issue 1 features interviews with Wendy Little and Don Feinberg, Gabriel Magliaro of Half Acre and twenty other texts.