Lumpen #127 Vol 24 Issue 03 Winter 2016 The Issues


In this issue we’ve highlighted some people and organizations that are engaged in activism and non-profit work to try to make this city a better place to live.

It features work by:
Rob Hager, Lila Nordstrom, Jerry Boyle, Joe Collier, Amanda Scotese, Kyle Gaffin, Dan Sloan, Chris Hedges, Charlie Festa, Leah Menzer, Ben Marcus, Grant Reynolds, Jessica Campbell, Johnny Sampson, Kevin Budnik, Max Morris, Nate Beaty, Sarah Leitten, Two Tone Comix

The issue of Lumpen has been designed by Jermiah Chiu of Studio Chew. It ushers in a new transition for Lumpen Magazine as we enter our 25th year of publishing.