Lumpen #125 Placetakers & Placemakers


Lumpen 125 ( Summer 2015 ) Placetakers and Placemakers

Lumpen #125 takes a look at the issues of gentrification, development and revitalization in our communities. Using the lenses of Placemaking and Placetaking we hope to provide advice to those of you working towards building healthy neighborhoods and spaces.

What is Placemaking and Placetaking?

Placemaking is a community-based approach to urban revitalization and the shaping of public spaces. It brings together artists, designers, planners and neighbors in order to create places that help build healthy and vibrant communities.

Placetaking refers to the processes of gentrification and displacement that so often arise when placemaking projects are implemented. It occurs when these projects pander to the wealthy and privileged, such that the disadvantaged find themselves forced out of their neighborhoods and public spaces.

Issue 125 Editorial Team: Kyle Gaffin, Sara McCall & Dan Sloan

Contributors: Nate Beaty, Danielle Chenette, Julia Cole, Matt David, Crystal DiFronzo, Charles Festa, Kyle Gaffin, Brandon Howe, Nance Klehm, David Krueger, Jason Kunesh, Benjamin Marcus, Brie McGuire, Charlie Megna, Brian Meir, Jessi Meliza, Kelly Reaves, Krisann Rehbein, Eddy Rivera, Sean Starowitz, Trubble Club, Charles Vinz, Lale Westvind.

Designed by Alex Dougherty