Chicago No Wave Zines


Chicago No Wave was typified by abstraction, noise, abrasion, nihilism, black humor, intensity, chaos, surrealism and experimentation. The sights and sounds of this lesser known part of Chicago’s cultural history will be shared in this one night freak out. We are excited in presenting one of the standard bearers of the No Wave sound, the Flying Luttenbachers, whose new album, Shattered Dimension was just released.

Lumpen magazine released a series of photocopied zines that showcases its coverage of artists and musicians during that era, a collection of written works by Lumpen Time contributors from that period, and a few zines with reproductions of fliers, photographs, posters from the Chicago No Wave period.

The collection of all 5 zines is $45 plus shipping..

5-10 business days for shipping as we do not know if our shipping person is paying attention.